Web, App, Kiosk?


Pupils can set their own location in one of three ways:

  • A website
  • An App (available for both Apple and Android devices)
  • A kiosk


Staff access is provided through a website.

The staff-facing website is functional on mobile devices, but the amount of information shown means it’s far easier to use on a tablet or desktop/laptop.


The App (pupils only) gives pupils the ability to set their own location, and check the “badges” they have earnt.

Pupils can also receive instant messages (on either the Apple or Google App instant messaging networks) sent by our servers in reponse to requests from staff.


Depending on the account the user logs in with, they will be given one of three versions of the website.

Pupils have the ability to change their location, see badge progress, and change their passwords.

Staff can see pupils location (diced up in many different ways), set those locations, and send messages to pupils who have the App installed

Site admins have all the access staff do, but also administrator functions, such as creating new accounts for pupils or staff, or changing the locations available.


The kiosk operates in two modes.

Read-only mode shows all the pupils associated with a location. It automatically updates regularly, and highlights those whose location has changed in the last few minutes.

So, for boarding houses, it shows the current location of every house pupil, and any visitors currently at the house.

And for non-house locations, it shows the pupils currently.checked in to that location.

Interactive mode additionally prompts the pupil for a password and allows them to set a new location.

During COVID-19, it is recommended that all kiosks are left in read-only mode.

There is no per-device charge from WerAreWe for use of Kiosks, Apps, or devices. There is no fee for installing the pupil app. Our pricing is based on “per tracked person, per year”

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